Crystal Grids Use and Intentions


Abundance: This set includes 12 pieces of African Citrine, 2 large pieces of Citrine, 2 pieces of Moss Agate, and a Quartz Sphere for the center, to create your own grid to draw in abundance, prosperity, joy and success.

Citrine is the top stone to help manifest abundance and prosperity. It's been nicknamed the "merchants stone for good reason. Citrine will also give confidence and motivation to go after what you want to manifest into your life. Moss Agate is another lesser known, but still very powerful stone to bring in wealth and abundance to your life. It can also boost your self esteem and inspire a new start towards your dreams and goals.

Fearless Expression: This set includes 8 pieces of Chrysocolla, 4 pieces of Sodalite, 4 pieces of blue lace agate, and a Quartz Sphere for the center, to create your own grid to aid in empowerment, communication, courage and fearless expression. Throat chakra. 

All three of these stones are about enhancing communication and articulation. Chrysocolla imbues confidence, summons personal power and encourages spoken truth. Sodalite aids in articulating clearly and verbalizing what really matters to you. Blue Lace Agate also helps with articulation and having the confidence to speak up for yourself. 

Intuition & Astral Connection: This set includes moonstone chips, 4 more pieces of moonstone, 4 pieces of labradorite, 4 pieces of rutilated quartz and a mini Quartz Sphere for the center, to create your own grid to aid in connecting to your guides and intuition. This is a great grid to use when divination is needed, whether it's through tarot, mediation, runes or pendulums. However you communicate with your guides or higher self, this will help strengthen and give confidence in your abilities.

Moonstone is a highly intuitive stone, it helps inspire guidance and psychic ability. It is also very calming to help relax the mind in order to connect to and trust your intuition. Labradorite is another super intuitive stone. It helps connect your mind and third eye to your guides and the astral plane of existence. It also helps decipher messages divined to you through your mode of communication. Rutilated Quartz is an ultra high vibe stone that immediately connects one to higher beings and realm of angelic communication. It can also facilitate astral travel.

Motivation & Creativity: This set includes 12 pieces of natural African citrine, 4 pieces of carnelian, 4 pieces of garnet and a mini Quartz Sphere for the center, to create your own grid to aid in bringing motivation, energy, courage, passion and creativity into your life.

Citrine is all about joy and energy and confidence. It is also a wonderful abundance and manifestation stone. Carnelian is all about passion and creativity and vitality and motivation. And garnet is also about passion and courage and energy. Together, these stones will revitalize your passion for whatever it is you are pursuing. Even if it's just remembering who you were before you lost yourself.

Reclaim Your Power: This set includes 4 Rainbow Obsidian, 4 Rose Quartz, 4 Pink Opal, Moonstone Chips and a mini Quartz Sphere for the center, to create your own grid to claim your power back and move on with love, confidence and clarity.

Rainbow Obsidian protects but also releases energy draws that target the heart. It cuts the cords to those that no longer serve our best interest or continue to keep us in a state of discontent or inner turmoil. Pink Opal helps one release anger or resentment, that one may have for their past or towards oneself. It also helps to reclaim self worth and confidence in oneself. It is also a gentle but powerful heart healer. Rose Quartz is the stone of self love and self care. It helps to rebuild self worth and confidence and remember to love unconditionally even after we've been hurt.