Enchanted Bath Use and Intentions

Directions: Remove crystal before use. Hold onto it when soaking in bath. Each bag contains enough magick for 2-3 uses. Draw a bath as warm as you desire, pour some of your Ritual Bath Salts into the water and swirl with your hand until dispersed. While soaking, hold onto your crystal and focus on what you want to attract into your life. Meditate on your intention until you feel it is done. Bonus points for lighting some candles around you as you work your magick! When your ritual bath is finished, be sure to extinguish your candles before leaving the room. Keep the crystal you worked with near you for the rest of the moon cycle. (On your nightstand is ideal. An altar is even better!) If you waited for the new moon to start your ritual, be sure to give thanks for what your attracted on the next full moon! <3

Specific Intentions:

Venus Rising: Rising from the ashes, you reclaim your heart and your love. You are worthy, you are beautiful and intelligent, strong and you are fierce as fuck. Venus Rising was made to reclaim yourself after heartbreak or from self sabotaging thoughts and patterns, Venus is scented with dark rose, plum and labdanum. It's absolutely hypnotic. Venus Rising contains one piece of rhodonite for intense heart healing. Use Venus Rising when you need a pick me up or to heal a wounded heart. You are a goddess. Don't you ever forget that.

Autumn Harvest: Autumn Harvest is scented with delicious, sweet pumpkin contains one piece of super quality African Citrine to help you harvest abundance in all areas of your life this Fall and is sprinkled with orange peels and cinnamon bits! Use Autumn Harvest to reap all that you have sown this past year.

Spirit of the Forest: With notes of fir, balsam, evergreen, cedar and berries. This ritual bath was made to invoke the energies and magic of Yule and the Christmas season. Each bag comes with a large piece of garnet. Topped with elderflower for wisdom and protection during the chaos of this particular Yule season and juniper berries for protection and connection to the magic of the forest.

Once in a Full Moon: Once in a Full Moon is scented with intoxicatingly sweet sugared plum and amber. One of my absolute favorite scents to date! And each bag contains one piece of moonstone to help one connect to intuition, emotion and the goddess energy of the moon. Use this enchanting set of bath magick on full moon nights or when you want to honor the goddess within you.

Gold Getter: Gold Getter is scented with lemongrass essential oil, contains one piece of citrine for extra money magick and is sprinkled with chamomile flowers! Use Gold Getter when you need to collect that extra money from the universe! 

Helios:  With notes of Grapefruit, Bergamot, Nectarine and Rosewood, this Milk Bath radiates joy and energy and clarity. Also contains Chrysanthemum flowers and a tumbled Citrine to bring joy and radiance into your life. Also has some golden glitterHelios was the Titan god of the sun. He grants knowledge, vision and light. Use their milk bath when you need some extra warmth and comfort or when you need to illuminate something in your life to better understand it.