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Circe Perfume Oil

Circe is one of my all time favorite goddesses. The witch goddess. Daughter of Hecate in some stories. She was independent, strong and fearless. She stepped into the life she was given and grabbed it by the reigns.  She wrote her own destiny. She forged her own path. She was wise. She took care of herself. She didn't take shit from anyone. She punished those her wronged her without mercy. She was fierce and feared. She was the original badass witch. Yet she still had soft and lonely heart that yearned to be loved and admired. She still saw the good in man, even after she was no longer young and naïve. 

This perfume has notes of soft florals, cedar wood, balsam and fir needles with clove and orange. Topped off with actual dried elderflower. Welcome to Circe's cauldron. She uses the gifts of the forest around her to weave her magic and strengthen her fortitude. She is the witch of the woods. Formidable, fierce and brave. 

Use this oil as a perfume to enchant your aura or as an anointing oil to infuse your spellwork.

10mL rollerball.

If skin irritation occurs please discontinue use.

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