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Crystal Grid Set - Self Love/ Heart Healing

Crystal Grid Set - Self Love/ Heart Healing

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This set includes 8 pieces of Pink Botswana Agate, 8 pieces of pink opal and 4 lepidolite tumbles plus one mini, high quality, clear quartz sphere to use in the center to create your own grid to aid in healing the heart and improving self love and acceptance.

When you are setting up your grid, know that there really is no right or wrong way to do it. The photo I have is just one way to position everything. Only two requirements would be to keep the sphere in the center and the points point outward or inward depending on where you want to energy to flow. Other than that, feel free to listen to your intuition when placing the rest of the stones. Also, the intention I have used is just a suggestion. Feel free to use these stones for other purposes as you see fit! The wonderful thing about crystals is they work well with others. Mix and match in any way you feel called to do so! <3

Please note all stones will be picked intuitively and may vary in size/color from the ones displayed due to the natural nature of them.