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Crystal Grid Set - Custom Intention

Do you have an intention in mind that I don't have listed yet? Let me create one for you! After checkout, send me a DM on Instagram (@drunkenunicornapothecary) or shoot me an email ( and we can discuss your needs in order to build a totally custom grid set. 

What can a crystal grid do for you?

A crystal grid is a way to focus energy. It can be used in addition to or instead of an altar in order to set an intention and declare it to the universe. Your grid continuously projects your intention out into the your space and the universe in order to bring it to fruition. You can meditate with it, pray with it, use it as a reminder that your magic is working or recite a mantra every time you walk past it. A crystal grid is a way to allow your crystals to help you call something into being.

What is included?

A consultation. 12-18 tumbled stones hand picked to suit your intention, a center stone, A custom mantra or prayer to recite over your grid. And instructions on how to build, activate and maintain your grid. All stones will also be cleansed and blessed with Reiki energy to super charge your intention.

Please note all stones will be picked intuitively and may vary in size/color from the ones displayed due to the natural nature of them. And your crystal grid is not meant to replace professional help or medical care. 

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