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Crystal Grid Set - Fearless Expression

This set includes 8 pieces of Chrysocolla, 4 pieces of Sodalite, 4 pieces of blue lace agate, and a Quartz Sphere for the center, to create your own grid to aid in empowerment, communication, courage and fearless expression. Throat chakra. 

All three of these stones are about enhancing communication and articulation. Chrysocolla imbues confidence, summons personal power and encourages spoken truth. Sodalite aids in articulating clearly and verbalizing what really matters to you. Blue Lace Agate also helps with articulation and having the confidence to speak up for yourself. 

When you are setting up your grid, know that there really is no right or wrong way to do it. The photo I have is just one way to position everything. Only two requirements would be to keep the sphere in the center and the points point outward or inward depending on where you want to energy to flow. Other than that, feel free to listen to your intuition when placing the rest of the stones. 

Be sure to wash hands after handling Chrysocolla. It contains Copper.

Please note all stones will be picked intuitively and may vary in size/color from the ones displayed due to the natural nature of them. And your crystal grid is not meant to replace professional help or medical care. 

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