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Crystal Grid Set - Intuition & Astral Connection

This set includes moonstone chips, 4 more pieces of moonstone, 4 pieces of labradorite, 4 pieces of rutilated quartz and a mini Quartz Sphere for the center, to create your own grid to aid in connecting to your guides and intuition. This is a great grid to use when divination is needed, whether it's through tarot, mediation, runes or pendulums. However you communicate with your guides or higher self, this will help strengthen and give confidence in your abilities.

Moonstone is a highly intuitive stone, it helps inspire guidance and psychic ability. It is also very calming to help relax the mind in order to connect to and trust your intuition. Labradorite is another super intuitive stone. It helps connect your mind and third eye to your guides and the astral plane of existence. It also helps decipher messages divined to you through your mode of communication. Rutilated Quartz is an ultra high vibe stone that immediately connects one to higher beings and realm of angelic communication. It can also facilitate astral travel. 

When you are setting up your grid, know that there really is no right or wrong way to place the stones. The photo I have is just one way to position everything. Only two requirements would be to keep the sphere in the center and the points point outward or inward depending on where you want to energy to flow. Other than that, feel free to listen to your intuition when placing the rest of the stones. The intention for each grid set is also just a suggestion.

Please note all stones will be picked intuitively and may vary in size/color from the ones displayed due to the natural nature of them. And your crystal grid is not meant to replace professional help or medical care. 

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