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Golden Healer Sphere

Golden Healer Quartz is said to be of exceptionally high vibration with high levels of the universal life force or Qi. Golden Healer Quartz raises your vibrations, instantly to meet it’s own. This is an immensely powerful healing stone, bringing intense multi-dimensional healing energy. Golden Healer is also a great stone for success and prosperity. It can help boost self confidence and integrity. It can also help align yourself to receive communication and guidance from your spirit guides ad angels.

Crystal Spheres are known to radiate gentle energy that flows evenly in all directions at once. They are balancing, nourishing and unifying. Place a sphere where you want to radiate energy outwards. I like to use spheres in crystal grids because it fills my rooms with the energy of that grids specific intention. Spheres are better for keeping energy close to home, where a tower, obelisk or generator is better for long distance healing and energy sharing. But they can also just be placed in a room you want to fill with the crystals energy.

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