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Magickal Milk Bath - Summer Solstice(Limited Edition)

Magickal Milk Baths are full on bath rituals in a bag! Use on the night of the New of Full moon for most effective magick or any other point in the moon cycle for emergency magick. Every Milk Bath is infused with Reiki for extra healing.

With notes of Ambrosia Apple and Hyacinth and hints of Coastal Redwood and a dash of orange, this Milk Bath is a perfect blend of the warm and bright summer days with just a subtle hint and gentle reminder that with the longest day of the year, comes the approach of the darker season that draws Persephone underground. Also contains Mullein flowers to help heal and give courage and inner strength as well as a carnelian tumbled stone to empower and energize.

The Summer Solstice, Litha or Midsummer, is a celebration of the god and goddess being at the height of their power. This is a day to recognize this in yourself as well. You are at the top of your game. Look back at everything you have accomplished this year so far. Even if it doesn’t seem like much, considering the circumstances of this year, you’ve come far. This Milk Bath was made to help you see that and to recognize the power you have over your life. It was made to be protective, inspiring and empowering. But it was also made to heal the parts of yourself that get in the way of you seeing your true potential. Own your power! You’ve always had this greatness and potential inside of you. Now recognize it and step into it.

Directions: Remove crystal before use. Hold onto it when soaking in bath. Each bag contains enough magick for 2-3 uses. Draw a bath as warm as you desire, pour some of your Magickal Milk Bath into the water and swirl with your hand until dispersed. While soaking, hold onto your crystal and focus on what you want to attract into your life. Meditate on your intention until you feel it is done. Bonus points for lighting some candles around you as you work your magick! When your ritual bath is finished, be sure to extinguish your candles before leaving the room. Keep the crystal you worked with near you for the rest of the moon cycle. (On your nightstand is ideal. An altar is even better!) If you waited for the new moon to start your ritual, be sure to give thanks for what your attracted on the next full moon! <3 

Good for 2-3 baths

8 oz. 

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Dried Buttermilk, SLSA,  Colloidal Oatmeal, Honey Powder, fragrance.

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