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Moss Agate Towers

Moss Agate is highly grounding and great for connecting with Mother Earth. Great for green witches and those connected to nature and the earth. Can be kept in or near potted plants to help strengthen or encourage growth. Moss Agate also attracts abundance and wealth, both monetary but also abundance in energy, growth and emotional prosperity. Can also connect one with intuition and feelings in more practical ways. Can release fear and stress and stagnate energies. 

A tower, generator or obelisk send energy in a single direction. Up. They are very efficient at "broadcasting" energy and can often be found at the center of a healing grid meant to be amplified on a larger scale. Towers can be used to send healing outwards to the planet or to a further distance than a sphere would. But you can also use it to protect your home and keep that energy flowing where you need it to.

Each tower is 3.5 - 4 inches tall. 

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