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Retrogreat Perfume Oil - For Protection, Clarity and Reflection
Retrogreat Perfume Oil - For Protection, Clarity and Reflection

Retrogreat Perfume Oil - For Protection, Clarity and Reflection

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Retrogreat perfume oil was created to help ease the anxiety, fear, chaos and confusion that can come with a retrograde. Retrogrades are known to bring chaos and disorder to our daily lives but they don't always have to be negative or disruptive. This perfume was blended to not only protect you from the disruptive effects of retrograde but also to help you gain clarity, insight and help you reflect on how you can work with the retrograde to your advantage. And I'm not just talking about Mercury. Currently, we have 5 planets in retrograde! This blend can help us while we weather the present storm and any other planetary retrogrades of the future! This blend of perfume, flowers and crystals offers the ultimate energy boost, clarity and plenty of protection needed to survive any planets shadow season. 

Made with an uplifting and protective blend of dragons blood, somali rose and hinoki wood, this perfume oil can be used to wear as a shield and a guide. Chrysanthemum flowers have literally been said to protect against the wrath of gods. So she's in there to make sure the planets are good to you, and I've also added Elderflower for an extra level of high vibe-ing spiritual protection with the help from the Fae. Each bottle also has a tiny quartz point, black tourmaline and some rose quartz for protection, gentleness and clarity. 

Please note that because of the flowers, the scent will most definitely change with time. Think of it as an evolution of it's magick. The longer it has to infuse, the more powerful it will become. Perfume also tends to smell differently on different bodies and that can change over time as well. So enjoy the evolution of yourself and the magick of this bottle! Please also be aware this is made with fractionated coconut oil and real flowers.