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Rose Quartz Mini Tower

When you think of a crystal for love and self acceptance, Rose Quartz is usually the first that comes to mind. It is the most common stone used for healing of the heart. It reminds us to be gentle on ourselves because we are deserving of love from ourselves and love from others. It also teaches us compassion, forgiveness and tenderness. It also helps us express our emotions in a healthy way. It can also help us with empathy and most importantly establishing healthy boundaries in our relationships whether it's with family, friends or lovers.

A tower, generator or obelisk send energy in a single direction. Up. They are very efficient at "broadcasting" energy and can often be found at the center of a healing grid meant to be amplified on a larger scale. Towers can be used to send healing outwards to the planet or to a further distance than a sphere would. But you can also use it to protect your home and keep that energy flowing where you need it to.

Each tower ranges from 2.75-4.5 inches in height and has a beautiful deep pink color. 

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