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Samhain Perfume Oil


Samhain is the witches new year and the final harvest festival of the year. It is the time when we have harvested all we can and move towards planting new seeds for the following year. But first we must retreat into the shadows to reflect on what was successful and what could use work in order to have greater success in the future. It is also the time when the veil is said to be the thinnest. All Hallows Eve and Dia de los Muertos are also celebrated at this time, honoring loved ones and those who have passed on. This whole collection of Samhain Goddess Perfumes were created to honor this shadow season and help inspire shadow and inner work. Whether you choose to work with a goddess or the energy of Samhain itself is up to you! Which will you choose?

This perfume is full of spooky season spirit. It combines sweet pumpkin with mulled apple cider. Notes of clove and orange peel dance with pumpkin and apple to create a warm inviting fragrance you’ll want to wear through shadow season. Contains carnelian and golden pixie dust for added protection.

Use this oil as a perfume to enchant your aura or as an anointing oil to infuse your spellwork.

10mL rollerball.

If skin irritation occurs please discontinue use.

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