Witch Walk-iversary Raffle


Hop on over to @DrunkenUnicornApothecary on Instagram to get some raffle entries!! Here are the details:

This month, the giveaway is a little different.
I am celebrating being with @witch_walk for a whole year!!! So I’m doing a big raffle with multiple winners and prizes!!

How to enter the Giveaway Extravaganza:

1. You will receive raffle 5 tickets for every $25 you spend in my shop. (Before tax and shipping). Be sure to put your Instagram name in the notes so I know who you are!
2. 1 ticket for every person you tag on this post. (Max 5 tags)
3. 1 ticket for sharing this post and tagging @drunkenunicornapothecary
4. 1 ticket for answering the question from @witch_walk on this post. (Check their stories!)
5. 2 tickets for “saving” your favorite post and commenting “saved” on it. (Max 3 saves)

Giveaway entires close on midnight(pst) on Sunday the 18th. MUST BE FOLLOWING @drunkenunicornapothecary FOR ENTRIES.

There will be 4 prizes available!
1 Ritual Bath Milk
1 Goddess Perfume
1 Pink Amethyst Moon(must be following @witch_walk and me, to win)
✨The Grand Prize will be a Beautiful Smoky Quartz Cluster.✨

Winners will be chosen at random from a hat. The more ticket entries you earn, the greater your chance at winning. Can only win one prize. Winners will be announced Monday, October 19th. Must claim within 24hrs or a new winner will be chosen