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Intentional Bath & Body Oil


Drunken Unicorn Bath & Body Oil is made with Jojoba, Sweet Almond and Coconut Oils. Each oil is fast absorbing, super nourishing and extra luxurious. Annoint yourself when you need a boost, before a ritual or put a few drops in your bath to benefit from it's magic and skin loving benefits. 

Available in the following intentions:

  • Hot Witch Summer (For confidence and self-worth)
  • Venus Rising (For heart healing and self-love)
  • Gold Getter (For money)
  • Rainbow Road (Road Opener)
  • Self Love #9 (Self-love and acceptance)
  • Safe and Ground (Protection and grounding)

Please note, each oil is handmade to order. Please allow some extra time for me to craft your intentional bath and body oil. Each intention comes with herbs, crystals and reiki infusion. Please let me know in the notes if you have any allergies.

Nothing here on this site is meant to replace professional help. Please seek medical attention if needed. Also, if pregnant, please consult with your doctor before using products with herbal elements. If any sort of irritation occurs, please discontinue use. 

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