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Bumble Bee Jasper Mini Bat

This bumble bee jasper comes from Indonesia. 💛🖤🧡 It is a solar plexus and sacral stone. Bumble Bee Jasper helps one to accept change and find new paths to expand upon. It is wonderful to work with for times of personal growth, not only to help find that new path but also to help one accept and accelerate it. The possibility of one's path are endless. This stone helps to remind you that when one door closes, new ones open. Bumble Bee Jasper is also a stone of confidence and self esteem. It can be scary to to embark on a new beginning, but this stone will give you that boost of confidence to remind you that the universe has you back!!


Bumble bee Jasper is toxic in its unpolished, raw form. Although these are safer because they’re polished,  I’d still recommend washing your hands after handling and definitely do not use in any sort of crystal water or things meant to be ingested. 

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