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Pink Amethyst Bat

Pink Amethyst Bat 🦇 
Aprox 6 inches wide.

Lovingly carved in a small family owned factory in Brazil, all of my pink Amethyst shapes are breathtakingly unique! Each one has so much character. And no two are alike. This beautiful pink amethyst piece is more lilac than actual pink. And makes it even more beautiful! These cats are also free standing. Most of the shapes are not.

Pink Amethyst is a newer find from Brazil. It's pink coloring comes from hematite inclusions in the Quartz structure but has been found to be closer in composition to Amethyst than it is to Rose Quartz, hence the name Pink Amethyst. Pink Amethyst has become known to be a wonderful heart healer. It has all of the same calming and meditation enhancing properties as traditional Amethyst with the added bonus of a gentle love energy and heart healing. It opens your crown and third eye to receiving divine love and guidance from source and your guides. 

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